3 steps for effective Instagram marketing

Marketers have got a huge opportunity to promote their product and generate massive sales. Yes, I am talking about Instagram which has created a buzz on all social media and which has become one of the largest social media platforms for marketing.

Facebook is the largest community but when it comes to reach and engagement, no other social media can compete with Instagram.

However, you need to make good strategies in order to be successful on Instagram. Why? Because the competition is so high. Then what are the ways for effective Instagram marketing with which you can generate more sales?


Read the article until the end and I hope you will get you answer.

Step 1: Increase followers

The first step for effective marketing is to increase followers. No matter how good your product is or how many problems your product will solve, if you have no follower, you will have nothing. It will be like doing marketing in the middle of the sea or desert where no one is there.

Create a business account, optimize your profile, buy some followers from Poprey, and post consistently. Yes, you need to post quality content. In addition, use proper caption and tags, run the contest, use paid ad, cross-promote your account, post funny content and be consistent. Your follower will increase for sure.

Step 2: Engage your followers

You have a vast number of followers. Now it is time to engage them. How can you engage them? Act like a friend is the best way to engage them. Like all of their posts, comment on their posts and reply to all of their comment.


Also, be a problem solver to them. No matter what problem they are facing, if you can help, help them. Ask them to share your content, ask them to tag their friends in your posts. Post as many quality contents as you can every week so that your audience always remember you.

If you follow my advice, you will be able to engage them for sure.

Step 3: Covert more followers into the buyer

Now you have a good number of followers and they are active. What you should do to convert them into the buyer? Post promotional content and links? No way. You have to promote your content in such a way so that they cannot understand you are using them. Be a friend, solve their problem and just show them how your product can help them. Focus on the use of your product, not on the product.


Create emotional, inspirational or humorous photos or videos where you technically show the audience the use of your product. People will feel your product and finally, if your product is worthy of buying then they will buy it.

Final verdict

The steps I have mentioned look very simple I know. But trust me, it is not that simple. If it would that much simple, not everyone would become successful? Yes, you have to try hard and do it smartly. Only then you will be successful.

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