Why you need GOST certification?

Export-import business is one of the most profitable as well as the most popular business in the world. If you notice carefully, you will see most of the large companies started their business in a foreign country as an export business. And now, Eurasian countries are the most profitable place for exporting. Exporters from all around the world are trying to export their product in Eurasian countries. However, to export your products there, you will need a few kinds of certification. GOST certification is one of those necessary certifications. Do you know what is it and why it is important? If you do not know then you are in danger dear.

But don’t panic. In this article, I am going to tell you what is it, what the job of it and why it is important. What you need to do is to read the article until the end. And when writing, I took help from the site wwg.eu, it is one of those very few good sites that offer GOST certification service. If you will have any trouble regarding the GOST certification, you can take help from them. But right now, let’s check out details about the GOST certification. Here we go.

What is GOST certification?

In simple word, it is the certification that ensures the quality of your product. the customs of Eurasian countries test the products and if they find out that your product complies with the standard of the Eurasian countries, they mark your product as R. it represents that your product is qualified for export.


Sound familiar? Well, there is a process called EAC certification. It is a similar process as well. Maybe you have heard about it. But the thing is that GOST certification is the oldest and now it is almost replaced by the EAC certification. Now, most of the exporters are using EAC certification.

Why it is important?

As I am saying that it is not being used by most of the exporters. However, there are still some products that need GOST certification. Without it, you cannot export those products. For those products, it is a must have need.

There are two types of GOST certification and there are two needs as well. The first one is mandatory. Without doing this, you cannot export the product to those countries. And the second one is voluntary. That means it is not mandatory but a lot of people do this. Why it is important to do voluntary certification? Well, most of the companies use it as a marketing tool. That means they rated their product with R symbol so that everyone can be sure that their products are good enough and maintain the technical regulations of the country. As a result, their sales increase in a great way.


Now I hope, you have understood what is it and why it is so important. Actually, it is important. And if you are an exporter, you should do it and know it.

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